Cheat Codes To Become A Successful Blogger

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So you want to be a blogger, taking your first step in the blogging world. Before you start, there should be certain tips and tricks that should always be kept in mind if you plan to become a successful blogger. The right path taken from the beginning can reduce your pain later. It’s quite easy to set up a blog and start writing but to be successful and actually start earning with your blogs; certain conventions must be followed. Even if you have a brilliant blog theme and amazing content, it won’t get popular, unless and until these steps are maintained.


Getting Your Domain Name Registered

If you want to start with blogging as a serious hobby or a profession then you have either of the two steps:

  1. Free Service: This includes services which allow you to host your blog on a different site and having used a subdomain like for example “” While using these types of services might be free and economical enough for starters, but it has a lot of restrictions in terms of ads and convenience.
  2. Professional Domain Registration: This includes getting your own site registered by a domain host. These types of blogs can be a lot more beneficial in the long run. It is much easier to maintain ads, have a stable audience, generate a good search engine ranking, as result popularize your blog even more.

Choosing The Appropriate Domain Name

Before the owner decides to register his domain name with a reputed host, he must provide certain though in deciding what the domain name should be. After all, a domain name is like the cover of the book, the book being the blog.

Key Word: Domain name must contain keywords, related to the content of the blog. Keeping it simple and short is the key to success here. Domain name shouldn’t be like “”The keyword should always be simple, popular and unique enough at the same time.

Length: Always be aware of the length of the domain name. It shouldn’t be long at the same time it shouldn’t be too short. There should always be a certain level of uniqueness in the name of the blog. Also, the name should be attractive enough to catch the attention of the first time readers. The domain name must be easy to pronounce and easy to communicate with others so that it spreads easily with the word of mouth.

Using Hyphens: Use of hyphens must be avoided at all cost at the same time for easy readability use of hyphens is always encouraged. It’s always has been a balancing act.

Choosing a Reliable Registrar

Choosing a reliable and good enough registrar must be of utmost priority. Often people fall into the trap of unreliable domain hosts and registrars because of price concerns. Such acts must be avoided, and the owner must do a bit of research prior to selecting the domain host.

Getting your domain registered may be a matter of minutes but to get an active and running website, it generally takes anywhere between 24 to 48 hrs. In the meantime, once the website is registered, it’s always the content that matters the most. A good flow of traffic always depends on the quality of the articles and the frequency in which new articles are published.

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Website Domain Registration Basics

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A website domain is the face of your business on the interweb. When you are trying to get your business on the internet, you will first need a domain name and a server to host your website. To put simply, the domain is the address of the server where the website is hosted. A browser can connect to the server via the IP address, but the IP address is hard to remember. The domain name is a more convenient and also a cool way to allow your visitors to access your site.


Parts Of A Domain Name

Obviously, you cannot choose any name as your domain name. The internet is divided into multiple domains and sub-domains. The names of these domains are separated by periods or dots. In the format, the www implies world wide web, which is not mandatory to mention, the XYZ is the domain name, and the com is the Commercial top level domain. There are also domains for military, government, education, academics, business and more. It started with a few back in the 2000s, but there are now tons on top level domains available to consumers. Usually, the domain name is the brand name or the service that your company offers.

Choosing A Top Level Domain

The first preference of anyone would be to get a .com top-level domain. However, that is not at all an easy task. Chances are the top level domain you are looking for is being used by some other person or company. There are ways and means in which you can procure that domain name, but why go for the mainstream .com domain? You can get creative and make the top level domain a part of your brand name. So, instead of, why not go for something like Look up available domain names and you will be surprised to see all the top level domains that are available. Get in touch with the 123 Reg support to know more.

Registering Your Domain

Now that you have fixed your domain name, all that you need to do is register that name with a domain name registrar. Here are a few things that you need to look at. One, do you have a website hosted elsewhere or are you starting fresh? Two, what is your expertise level when it comes to hosting websites and maintaining domains? And three, your budget. For the first question, if you are starting fresh, pick a domain name registrar who will also provide with flexible hosting options so that you get everything under one roof. Otherwise, you are free to choose any domain registrar or reseller but do check that they are ICANN accredited. The second and third questions are interrelated. If you are comfortable with dated user interfaces of the dashboard, and you do not need user friendliness to get your job done, then you can choose a cheaper option. A more expensive option will give you smoother workflow with better dashboard and control panels.

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How To Buy The Domain Name?

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Domain Names

Domain actually represents the location of your website on world wide web. Once the user enters the domain name of the website (such as, the user will be directed to your website as domain name first translated into IP address and server will provide the files to that particular user’s Ip address on which your website is hosted. Hence, without Domain name no user will be able to visit your website, in fact, having unique domain name can help you to boost the incoming traffic. So if you have a website, it is must have the domain name as well.  For instance, if you have an email of any company such as, will be your domain name.


As there are literally hundreds of companies are selling domain name separately, it is becoming the crucial task to choose one. There are some companies who provide free domain name with their hosting service. Well, that none of our concern. Let me give you brief explanation when it comes buying the domain name.

There is atop level domain which is indicated by providing the normal domain suffix it belongs to. For example .gov-government organization, .edu- educational institutes, .com- commercial business, .org- non-profit organization etc. Some domain name also represents the countries as well such as .in represents India, .ca represents the Canada, for the USA .US and it goes on.

Guide To Buying Domain Name

One way you can start using domain name service by using service of domain name registrar. Another way is to get a free domain name from your web hosting service provider if your website is hosted.

The domain name industry is controlled by an agency called ICNNA that certify the domain registrar. Now before you buy the domain, an auspicious step will be to decide unique domain name. Having unique and enticing domain name can lead you to build up high incoming traffic. If you have the website in category I mentioned above, you can choose one related to your web, or you can choose one from the country you belong to.

The second step will be to find best domain name registrar. Otherwise, you can ask your web hosting Provider Company to provide a domain name. But most people prefer to have the domain name from the individual domain registrar. There are many domain name registrars available such as go daddy, dotster, Namecheap and many others that offer domain name at starting price of $6-9 per month.  You can know the best price by calling 123 Reg support.

Once you find the right domain name registrar, pay them online either by using your credit card or PayPal account and choose the right name. They will park your domain name at the website that is specially set up for your to get the preview and most important you can secure the domain name before its too late. Whenever it comes to buy domain name make sure if they are offering email as well ( such as email for your website domain email is unique for your website. Having unique domain name can really help you to get the revolutionary kick off for your website.

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